The cloaks of the Virgin have a simbolism and a special meaning. They are undoubtedly a great expression of the Marian devotion that exists for this Sacred Image in every corner of Castellón. 

 The cloaks collect the emotions and feelings of the donors, their hopes, their wishes, their concerns and their gratitude. For this reason, the purpose of the cloaks has been to garnish the image of the Virgin as an expression of love, devotion and thanksgiving. 

The cloak that the Virgin wears normally matches the color of the day's liturgy, except on specific festivals.

 Green: for ordinary time. It symbolizes hope and growth.

 Purple: for Advent and Lent (except when you wear pink). It symbolizes penance. Blue: for the day of the Immaculate Conception. 

Pink: 3rd Sunday of Advent, Sunday gaudete, and 4th Sunday of Lent, Sunday laetare, .. It symbolizes joy. 

White: Christmas, Easter, Feast of Saint Joseph, Christ the King, and other special festivals, such as the Feast Day of the Virgin, the 1st Sunday of May. It symbolizes joy and purity. 

Red: Palm Sunday, Holy Friday, Pentecost, and Martyrs. It symbolizes fire of the Holy Spirit and Martyrdom. 

 The cloaks of the Virgin of Lledó are kept in the Cloak Room located inside the Basilica, where they are placed on perfectly aligned hangers in a three-high glass cabinet. 

 The conservation and restoration of the cloaks has been carried out by the wardrobe conservator Mrs Emilia Suay for decades. being the waitresses of the Virgin, under the direction and supervision of the President of the Board of Waitresses, the ones in charge of changing the cloak to the Virgin when it corresponds in function of the celebrations and the liturgy.